A lion is a lion-be it in Cage or Outside: USA YSR Fans

jagan_News1369582489Los Angeles: It’s been a year since YSR Congress party president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who’s often referred to as Lion of Politics. USA YSRfans on Saturday condemned the state government and CBI’s action against Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Several surveys by some of the most reputed media companies have shown that he’s indeed one of the most powerful persons in the country.”Jagan is the undisputed leader of the land. The very fact that he commands so much respect and a huge fan following even after being jailed if proof enough that he has a certain pull. Jagan’s case is a political vendetta. It’s certainly a violation of human rights to keep Jagan away from people and his family for so long, Said Veera Reddy Nadyala, President of the YSfanclub.

The TDP on the other hand joined hands with the Congress so as to get some publicity and gain a few votes. This was a perfect opportunity for Chandrababu Naidu to talk against Jagan and the renowned YSR family. All that he knows is mudslinging the YSRCP. The reason is simple—Naidu is unable to digest the growing popularity of Jagan as well as his party. It’s no news that several senior members from his own party have switched loyalties to join Jagan’s cadre, Veera Reddy Said.

“All this is being done to keep Jagan away from people. The Congress and TDP fear that if Jagan has so much appeal being in jail, he will become a superhero once let out. They can’t risk it with the elections nearing, so they are going out of their way to level false allegations against him to defame him.”

But like most of his fans say “A lion is a lion—be it in cage or outside.” As Jagan’s sister Sharmila rightly said in one of her rachhabanda during her Maro Praja Prasthanam padayatra, “No one can stop the rising sun.” Yes Jagan is definitely a rising star and no matter how many conspiracies are hatched against him, he will emerge a clean winner, Veera Reddy Said.

“The conspiracy is there for everyone to see. Even a school going child who’s kept a close watch on the turn of events since Jagan was sent to jail can understand who’s behind this and why the conspiracy was hatched in the first place. It’s sad that Jagan was jailed for defying the Congress party” Venu Reddy Katkuri said.

This isn’t the first instance, it may be recalled that there was a raid at DMK leader Stalin’s place too a day after his party voted against the FDI in the Parliament.”Congress always gets back at his detractors. They can’t tolerate defiance. If Jagan had bowed down to their dictatorship, he could have saved himself the jail term. But Jagan being the person that he is, committed to the word his father gave the people, chose to rebel. The result is there have been innumerable allegations against him.” Said Rajashekhar Kesireddy.

“Naidu is unable to stop his party men from quitting the party. So he is resorting to dirty tricks to somehow divert the attention of people from his misdeeds and what’s happening within his own party.”

By now, it’s clear that the CBI, India’s top investigating agency too is hand in glove with the Congress. CBI has been matching steps with Congress as if to say “Your wish is my command.” Said RajaShekar Sunnapu and Sandeep Kondakindi.

The way the CBI is functioning is disgusting. People have lost faith in the police, CBI and the entire judicial system. The dirty conspiracies hatched by the CBI, Congress and the TDP to keep Jagan in jail is anything but fair. I can’t believe even the CBI has opted to be a part of such dirty games, Said Raja Chowdavaram.

Members of the YSfanclub in USA believe that Jagan remains unfazed because he will give them a fitting reply through his party’s victory in the elections. The TDP, CBI and the Congress will soon fall into their own pits that they have dug. And guess who will have the last laugh? None other than the charismatic leader of Andhra Pradesh—Jagan.

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