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The fledgling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), floated by Kadapa MP Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, which swept the by-elections in Andhra Pradesh, bagging 15 of the 18 Assembly seats and the lone parliamentary constituency, where polling was held on Tuesday has boosted the confidence of YSRfans in USA.
Jubilant YSR congress party success celebrations have been organized by YSfanclub on Saturday morning in Los Angeles. With the echoing victory of YSR congress party in AP by-elections, YSRfans vowed to take YSfanclub to next level in the sky. They came up with an innovative thought of sky typing “JAI HO YSR CONGRESS”, “JAI JAGAN “, and capturing the same with remote helicam and special jet.
Sky typing and remote helicams have gained so much popularity in recent times for their efficiency in promoting any kind of business to millions of people in less time. When sky typing, the Airplanes create messages in the sky at a height of 10,000 feet that are 5 miles long, as long as empire state building and can be seen for 15 miles in any direction.
On Saturday Morning, YSfanclub President Nandyala VeeraReddy , advisor Nagesh with other key members Venu Reddy Katkuri, Sandeep Reddy and  Raja Chodavaram arrived at the Chino airport and co-ordinated with all the flight captains, made all the arrangements and left to LA down town. Six blue jet flights left the airport with the remote helicam, which helps in capturing a closer image of a picture and can reach the places where a photographer can’t reach. A separate jet with world renowned photographers followed the 5 jets to capture the sky typing images.
By making the best use of technology, YSRfans completed the sky typing on top of LA downtown and Hollywood.
After the completion of the sky gala, about 300YSfanclub members assembled at Bombay Tandoori Banquet hall in Torrance of Los Angeles. The celebrations have been kicked off with YSRCP colored cake cutting by YSfanclub president NandyalaVeerareddy, advisors Dharma Reddy Gummadi and Nagesh.

Veera Reddy said that the victory was “People’s Gift” and a “tit for tat” for both Congress and TDP. Now with the people’s election mandate, it has been proved that YS Jagan’s arrest was a product of political rivalry with the Congress and TDP. At this juncture, YS fans demanded the Government to release YS Jagan immediately otherwise, in the coming days both the parties will remain as history. Veera Reddy hinted at the possibility of early Assembly elections as the people were vexed with the political uncertainty and were of the view that “earlier it goes is better.” The results of the by-elections, he said, were a lesson to the Congress and the TDP and it would certainly impact the Government in several ways.

 Los Angeles prominent Telugu leader NageshwarRao described the party’s victory in Andhra Pradesh by-elections as “people’s victory”. “We got justice in the people’s court and we thank people for this,” he said. The victory of YSRCP reminds us of Newton’s laws of motion for every action (Quid pro quo by TDP&Congress) there is always an equal and opposite reaction by the people of Andhra Pradesh said Nageshwar Rao.

In retaining his Nellore LokSabha seat, YSR Congress candidate Mekapati RajamohanReddy bulldozed former Union Minister and Congress candidate T.Subbarami Reddy by a 2.91 lakh vote margin. Dharma Reddy Gummadi a classmate of Mekapati RajamohanReddy expressed his heart- felt happiness and thanked the people of Nellore.

The populist schemes of Dr.YSR, the unethical arrest of Jaganmohan Reddy, powerful speeches of Vijayamma and the charisma of Sharmila — all these led to the YSR Congress Party’s grand victory in the Andhra Pradesh by-elections. The result is a huge setback to the Congress, which has retained only two seats. Its traditional vote has been split. The Telugu Desam Party should have won a majority of seats by default. But, it failed to win even a single seat. It is perhaps the beginning of the end of the party said VenuReddy Katukuri.

TDP dreamt a lot to win in 7 constituencies in this by poll. But the result is a death- blow to TDP. YSRCP won in all these places with highest majority. So it was proven that TDP, as regional party, has become a setting Sun in the state. Though the ruling Congress managed to avoid a total rout in the by-elections, it was crushed by the YSRCP’s steam-roller margins elsewhere. So overwhelming were the majorities notched up by the YSR Congress candidates that the Congress and the TDP forfeited security deposits in six seats each. In some constituencies, their combined vote was less than those of the winner said Raja Reddy Chodavaram. 
In spite of the YSR Congress party remaining non-committal on Telangana issue, unlike TRS and BJP, the two parties championing the cause of separate State, the performance of YSR Congress might be a cause of concern for the two pro-Telangana parties said Rajashekhar Sunnapu.
A huge turnout of ladies is the high light of the Celebrations. Several LA telugu women leaders Pushpa Reddy, Divya Reddy BommaReddy, Uma Devi, Kiranmai and Sandhya.
The key YSfanclub members including Rajashekhar KessiReddy, Anil Mannepalli, Laxma Reddy, Sandeep, Inaganti Sreenu, Sreekanth Reddy, Sudheer Obulam, Madhav Reddy, Gowtham, Sudheer, Mohan Reddy and Raja Reddy.

Veera Reddy thanked the American Billionaire Dr.YSR classmate Dr.Prem Reddy garu for his valuable monetary support for organizing the celebrations. It is now beyond doubt that the spectacular win of the 15-month-old YSR Congress Party has given rise to the ‘Jagan phenomenon’ in Andhra Pradesh politics and from now onwards, it will be difficult for Congress and TDP to dismiss the ‘Jaganphenomenon’said Veera Reddy.

Jagan was given 6093 number at the prison. The sum of all the numbers is 9. (6+0+9+3=18=1+8=9).Number 9 is considered to be very lucky and luck favored him even at the prison.”ANTHAM KAADHU IDHI ARAMBHAM MAATHRAME” Veera Reddy warned the anti YSR forces and concluded the meeting.

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