Dr. YSR Vardhanthi 2011

Tributes paid to YSR on second death anniversary in Pacific ocean from ysfanclub on Vimeo.

The second death anniversary of former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, the man with power of god was observed in Pacific Ocean on shores of Los Angeles on Sep 3rd 2011.

As the last Vardhanthi and Jayanthi were celebrated in Los Angeles sands and blue skies of LA, this time YSfanclub paid a rich tribute to their departed leader in LA waters. On September 3rd, Saturday around 2:30PM all the YSRfans arrived at Los Angeles port O’Call Village, San Pedro CA. Though it’s a long weekend very huge number of fans reached the port on time including priest Bhattar ,Pastor Bhaskar to offer religious prayers to their leader with loud slogans “YSR please come back”… “YSR We loves you”.”YSR missing you”……..

YSRfans lead by YSfanclub President Veera Reddy Nandyala kicked off the memorial services with Hindu rituals under the directions of priest Bhattar.Paying tributes to the veteran leader and offering prayers traditional way, a wave of nostalgia swept over Veera Reddy that made him break in tears. Azeezuddin a YSfanclub member came forward and offered prayers to Dr.YSR as per muslim tradition, to reiterate YSR was man for all.

After the completion of traditional prayers YSRfans entered the cruise under the leadership of YSfanclub President Veera Reddy and YSfanclub advisor Nageshwar Rao. Then Spirit Cruise left the port with 18Kn speed the time the spirit cruise reached to the designated point in Pacific Ocean of about 15 miles the 2 bell Bn 420 helicopters reached the same YSR Vardhanthi destination. Both the Helicopters showered 10,000 fresh child Flowers on Dr.YSR photo. The best Hollywood photographer Jerry Kotler and his friends Veera Babu, Sharad Vasist, Lipsa Roy and Prakash captured the wonderful moments.

YSfanclub President Veera Reddy conveyed Dr.Prem Reddy’s words to YSR fans
that said “YSR is the one and only one man who gave his 200% in everything he did”. Later, remembering the great man with a beautiful smile.

YSfanclub USA Advisor Nageshwar Rao described Dr YSR one who has given a new meaning to Hard work, Determination, Courage and Friendship and said “YSR is one in a hundred million with no movie background or no ancestors as CMs. Fire cannot touch him, Water cannot wash him away, air cannot separate him from us. He is in our hearts. We might never forget him in our lives”.

Veera Reddy said “YSR was a great man, there was no one like him before, there will be never one like him again, still he is unable to digest that YSR is no more. Dr.YSR was the only influential chief minister of Andhra Pradesh ever had and no one can fill the vacuum left by him.

We might never forget him in our lives”. Venu Reddy in his speech said “Water is the heart of Agriculture. YSR devoted his entire life towards this end to make the farmer a living. We lost a Great Leader, A Diamond. He was the king of Andhra Pradesh, no one can compete with him”.

A day would not pass for most of us without a thought of Dr YSR and a tear dropping from our eyes said Rajashekher Kesireddy.

The Flower Shower was covered and aired in local news in USA. YSfancub president Veera Reddy and Venu Reddy thanked the Cruise crew, Air crew and all the technical team who extended their support to the Vardhanthi event.

They thanked Dr.Prem Reddy garu and other Dr YSR friends for their generous support to the event. Fans returned homes with sorrowful thoughts that reminded their leader wouldn’t come back and they would miss him forever.

Towards the end of the event young Reeshma sree Thanked Dr Prem Uncle (who’s success is a dream of every Telugu kid) for supporting and paying a rich tribute to his friend Dr.YSR with YSfansclub. Kids like her have learned from Dr.YSR’s life to respect family, friendships, people and the country.

The participant includes Sudheer Obulam, Raja Reddy, Shiva Vanga, Sandeep, Sreekanth, Anil Reddy, Prasad, Praveen Reddy, Ravi, Uday and Vishnu Duvvuru from Los Angeles.

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