LA YSRfans Condemn AP govt’s attitude

LosAngelesphoto1337524350Alleging AP Govt secret G.O’s and CBI movements to be “Political Vendetta” and an “attack on the freedom of press”, YSRfans USA on Saturday condemned the state government and CBI’s action against Sakshi media owned by Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

YSfanclub USA President Veera Reddy Nandyala in his speech recalled the dark days of the Emergency (1975-77) as one of the most shameful period in the history of Indian media. But the GO’s 87,88,89 issued by AP government on Friday pertains to attachment of Jagathi publications, Indira Television and Janani Infrastructure were the even worst and shameful to all the Telugu people worldwide.

“YSfanclub USA thanked all the organizations and individuals for extending support to Sakshi and expressing their strong objection to the CBI move, though the ruling Congress and opposition TDP have been showing slant in their comments,’ YSfancub USA President Veera Reddy Nandyala told media on Saturday in Los Angeles.

CBI has become a tool in the hands of the Centre , yellow press and is being used to settle political scores while the opposition TDP, instead of questioning the ruling Congress is indifferent even at the hour of reckoning, Veera Reddy said.

The way, in which the trail is progressing and the turn of events point towards a deep rooted conspiracy to defame YS Jagan Mohan Reddy before the by-polls, he said.

It’s a vindictive act by the State Government, which is frustrated and taking such action. How can the government attach property of an entrepreneur who’s paying taxes regularly. If somebody is trying to sell off his properties in the wake of court cases, then it would be subjective to attachment. Whereas, YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s properties are productive and one shouldn’t disturb it.

We have Central Excise, Service Tax, Income-Tax Departments to look into the matters of the industry if something goes wrong. Whatever is happening in the State will send wrong signals to entrepreneurs outside AP.” Nageshwar Rao a prominent Telugu community leader from Los Angeles. “I would say it’s unfortunate and not good for the State.”

If the CBI feels YSR is done corruption, They need to freeze congress party all current accounts, said Raja Reddy chowdavaram .

Even as the state government is working on a letter written by CBI for attaching assets belonging to Jagan’s media outlets, the beleaguered companies got relief in High Court against withholding government advertisements. The High Court on Thursday stayed the government order stopping all advertisements to Sakshi daily paper and Sakshi TV. Suspending the order of the Kiran Kumar Reddy government is an example that truth always wins said Rajashekhar Sunnapu.

YSR Congress Party president Jaganmohan Reddy cannot be tried under Section 13 E of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA), since it is not valid constitutionally, says eminent constitutional law Under the Section 13 E, only public servants can be tried of criminal misconduct for possessing disproportionate assets. Since Jagan is a Member of Parliament and not a public servant, the basic premise of trying him under this section is illegal. The Supreme Court, in some cases, held the position that the Section 13 E is not applicable to non-public servants and Parliament members senior legal expert from Los Angeles advised the AP government and CBI.

Rule is rule and rule for all, If CBI feels that Jagan has done wrong and not under constitution, Please Apply the Same rule for Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and Chandra Babu Naidu Because Even on them also there are so many allegations are there said Kiranmai Arumalla and Uma Devi.

While the main case pertains to the legitimacy of 26 GOs issued by the State Government, the route CBI has taken for investigation is aimed at targeting Jagan, who was never in the cabinet nor was part of the governance at any point of time, The conspiracy theory is to sling as much mud as possible before the by-polls but it makes it would cut no ice as people are with YSR Congress said Dinesh, Bhanu and Govind Jekka.

“After YSR’s death had Jagan taken the MLAs who wanted him to become Chief Minister to a hotel as Chandra Babu Naidu had hijacked the legislators and held them captive in Viceroy hotel, things would have been different,” Venu Reddy Katkuri said.

The investigation into the 26 GOs is not going in the right direction and investigation into the accident in which YSR died was also not done in the right earnest, Sandhya said. Had the investigation been done in a fair manner many people, who are now in high places, would have been in jail said Divya Bommareddy.

Instead of issuing GOs to suppress the voice of the media, the government should have taken action against the private properties and other business concerns of all the accused leaders including Chandrababu Naidu. Media should be exempted from such actions so that the journalist community would not get affected by this probe. This is a vindictive action, said Naresh, Venkata Ramana and Vijay.

YSRfans claimed the successive GOs issued by the State Government and the methodology Congress Party is employing against Sakshi media group and YS Jaganmohan Reddy only showed the desperate attempt to stop further exodus from congress and such tactics will only prove counter-productive.

YSR congress is ready to face the challenges to feel the exhilaration of victory in the upcoming by elections, said Veera Reddy and concluded the meeting by quoting ‘Vinashakale, Vipareetha Buddhi’.

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