vardhanthi 2012


YSfanclub always comes up with innovative ideas to express their never ending love and affection towards their beloved leader Dr.YSR.

YSR vardhanti was planned uniquely to make it a memorable event in the hearts of his fans worldwide.

YSRfans gathered in Los Angeles Mission under the leadership of YSfanclub President Veera Reddy Nanadyala On Sep.02, 2012, YSfanclub sponsored fresh and hot meals for 1000 people at the Los Angeles mission. The Los Angeles Mission strives to be a world leader among missions that provides for the poor, restores the addicted, and eliminates homelessness. There are many interesting facts about Los Angeles mission. Generally they don’t allow too many volunteers into the campus. YSfanclub got only 8 visitor passes to perform the service. No needy person is turned down at the mission.

The student counselor Kenneth William escorted and toured the YSRfans and explained that all the inhabitants of the mission are treated like neighbors or friends. It also serves as a rehabilitation center for the drug addicts. They have student counselors who help the qualified to pursue a career of their interest and also assist them in finding jobs.

Serving them meals in memory of Dr.YSR is a great opportunity for YSfanclub USA expressed Veera reddy.

This is the best act of charity to pay homage to late Dr.YSR. With the continued support from fans and followers of DR.YSR, we plan to go ahead with many more events that make our leader immortal.

The event was funded by Dr.Prem Reddy family foundation which was established by Dr.Prem Reddy, a cardiologist with a caring heart. Dr.Reddy’s family foundation has been moving forward since 1986 with a motto “Lend a helping hand’. Since then, Dr.Prem Reddy has gifted over $350 million to causes related to health care and caring for others.

The non profitable charitable foundation has been actively involved in serving the health care needs of the high desert communities, providing scholarship programs for students in the health care field and so on.

This is only one side of Dr.Reddy, the other being the true friend of late Sri.YSR. Death of YSR have only separated them physically but their hearts are united in the bond of friendship. True friendship knows no boundaries. Dr.Prem reddy is an epitome of goodness.

Veera Reddy Nandyala thanked one and all who supported the event. Telugu Association of Southern California President Elect Nageshwar rao, NATA Advisory council Dharma Reddy Gummadi, Raja Kesi Reddy, Mallik R Bonthu, Veerababu, Devarakonda Nag and Sudheer Obulam participated in the YSR memorial social service.


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