YSRfans Bashed Sonia effigy in LA for Jagan arrest


The systematic and well doctored pursuing of cases against YSR Congress leader Jaganmohan Reddy, followed by the concluded three days of intensive grilling by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and his arrest on Sunday evening has evoked a strong reaction from YSR fans in Los Angeles.

YSfanclub USA Sunday blamed Congress president Sonia Gandhi for the arrest of YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Sonia Gandhi was targeting Jagan for going ahead with his “Odarpu Yatra” following YSR’s death in a helicopter crash in September 2009 said Veera Reddy Nandyala.

“What crime has YS Jagan committed, What do they want to do with YS Jagan,” asked Veera Reddy and voiced his doubts over the cause of helicopter crash that killed peoples chief minister Tiger YS Rajasekhar Reddy. YSRfans gathered in Torrance of Los Angeles under the leadership of YSfanclub president Veera Reddy Nanadyala. The angered YSRfans came with a effigy of fake Indian leader Sonia alias Antonia thrown on the streets and bashed it with sticks.

Venu Reddy Katkuri addressed the gathering that the CBI investigation is going as per congress and TDP script even a child knows how CBI is acting at the behest of who, is none other than Sonia. Top Congress leaders in Delhi were regularly monitoring the developments and had even rushed lawyers to Hyderabad to advise CBI joint director V.V. Lakshminarayana said Venu Katkuri.

It is a high time for Indian democracy and we should be strong and not let those selfish individuals to unleash political vendetta. I strongly support Jagan and like to be part of his political juggernaut to remove Congress party from India and AP said prominent Telugu leader Nageshwar rao.

The sinister six Ramoji rao, Chandra Babu, Chidambaram, Botsa, Kiran Kumar Reddy formed by Sonia Gandhi one of YS Jagan’s major enemies. She thought if YS Jagan’s six greatest villains join together can defeat him in the upcoming by elections. She took a forcible hold over the CBI, judiciary system, police forces and all the pillars of government to destroy YSR regime from AP, but our super hero ,Amazing ,spectacular Iron man will fight proportionately with Sinister six said Rajashekhar Sunnapu and Laxma Reddy.

The day CBI arrested Jagan, Congress and TDP bad days (so called Sani Dasha) started for both the parties said Raja Chowdavaram.

Sonia is known for her vindictive nature. She is known not to spare even her party men and routinely humiliates them. She even humiliated the dead body by denying a respectful funeral, of former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao who did not encourage Sonia’s political growth is one of the example of her nature said Murali Krishna Raju and Seelam Krishna. Valya Dharmasut described Sonia as a Cannibal.

This is a Black day for Indian democracy. Both cong and TDP joining hands to witch hunt a less than 40 yr old dynamic son of YSR who brought cong to power in the state and at the centre.

Has Indian politics stooped to such a low level, CBI does not bother about Chandrababu Naidu who earned more than 2000 crores from 2 acres of land but arrests Jagan for running a legal business. Why was Jagan not arrested when he was in the cong, questioned Dharma Reddy Gummadi a veteran Telugu leader from Los Angeles.

Sreekanth Reddy KomatiReddy a prominent Telugu leader demanded Manmohan singh and CBI to arrest Sonia Gandhi for her countless crimes and scams. In the past Sonia was almost and always in news due to some scandal or scam. Maruti Scam, Foreign Exchange Regulations Act, Indian Artifacts smuggling, Bofors kickbacks, Indira/Rajiv Trusts political manipulations are some of the widely published notorious scandals she was involved in.

Sing Rule Italia instead of Vande Maatharam, Sandeep advised the so called congress people.

The arrest of YSR Congress chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy will have a big impact on the 18 Assembly segments and the Nellore Lok Sabha seat that are going in for by polls on June 12 YSRfans analyzed in the meeting, YSR Congress candidates have established a clear lead over in 18 Assembly segments and in the Nellore Lok Sabha seat said Sridhar and Gowtham , “We will continue the legal fight and Vijayamma will lead us and the campaign.”

Veera Reddy requested all the fans to join the YSR congress party victory celebrations on June 16th in Los Angeles.”Satyameva Jayathey” said Veera Reddy and concluded the meeting.

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